ABSTRACT: Creativity is the art of seeing the invisible.

Rock and Stream.
Flowing River.
Flowing Stream, Fouriesburg.
Sandstone Cascade.
Reflective Shapes.
Reflective Patterns.
Reflective Hues.
Receeding Tide.
Acasia Symmetry, Deadvlei.
Surreal Deadvlei Trees 1.
Surreal Deadvlei Trees 2.
Mystical Forest.
Eucalyptus Forest Fantasy.
Dappled Misty Poplars.
Misty Poplar Impression.
Forest Shadows.
Autumn Forest Fantacy.
Autumn Forest Dream.
Autumn Poplar Impression.
Misty Waters.
Poplar Reflections.
Boulder Leaves.
Magical Pine Forest.
Dream Forest.
Forest Impression.
Mystical Trees.
Forest Floor Impression.
Forest Flower Fantasy.
Mystery Forest.
Cosmos Impressions 2.
Cosmos Breeze.
Cosmos rainbow.
Cosmos watercolour.
Cosmos Blur.
Cosmos Tapestry.
Cosmos Quilt.
Cosmos carousel.
Tulip impressions.
Poppy field impression.
Daisy Blur.
Daisy Swirl.
Daisy Impression.
Flamingo Flight  Impressions.
Wilderbees Mayhem.
Wildebeest galloping.
Stampeding Wildebeest.
Wildebeest migration.
Wilderbeest impression.
Maasai Cattle Herder Water Colour.
Dune Shapes.
Religious crowd, Ethiopia.