Birds: In order to photograph birds become part of the silence.

Spotted-Backed Weaver nest building.
Paradise flycatcher male.
Paradise flycatcher female.
White-Browed Coucal.
White-Browed Coucal-2.
Lilacbreasted Roller.
Lilacbreasted roller and locust.
Hunter's Sunbird Male.
Blue-Cheeked Bee-eater.
Blue-Breasted Bee-eater.
Whitefronted Bee-eaters.
Whitefronted Bee-eaters.
Eastern Black-Headed Oriole.
Yellow-throated Longclaw.
Meyer's (Brown) Parrot.
White-backed Vulture.
White-backed Vulture landing.
White-Backed Vulture in flight.
Bateleur Eagle male.
African Hawk-Eagle perched.
Martial Eagle and prey.
Black-Shouldered Kite and Rat Prey.
Malachite Kingfisher.
Grey-headed Kingfisher.
Grey-Headed Kingfisher.
Spur-winged goose.
Sacred Ibis and Egyptian Goose.
Reed  Cormorant sunning.
Black Crake adult.
White-Crowned Plover.
Blacksmith Lapwing.
African Jacana.
Squacco Heron.
Green Backed Heron.
Yellowbilled Stork with catch.
Yellow-billed stork.
Greater flamingo.
Grey Crowned Crane.
Helmeted Guinea Fowl.
Guineafowl trio drinking.
 Southern Ground-Hornbill.
 Ground-Hornbill and Mouse Prey.
Black-Bellied Bustard Male.
Grey Heron.
Black-Headed Heron with Cane Rat.
Black-Headed Heron with Cane Rat 2.