WILDLIFE - conservation is harmony between wildlife & man

Desert Elephant Bull grazing.
Desert elephants grazing.
 Elephant herd and Kilimanjaro 2.
Tusker Giant.
Elephant encounter.
Elephant mudbath.
African Elephant cow and calf.
Elephant family mud bath.
Elephant bathing.
African Elephant Juvenile at play.
African Elephant calf at play.
Black Rhinoceros.
White Rhinocerus herd.
White Rhinocerus calf.
African Lions brothers.
Lion Portrait stare.
Lioness with Cubs.
Lioness striding .
Protective Lioness and Cub.
Lioness and Cub.
Lion Cubs piggy back.
Lion Cub snarling.
Lion cub antics.
Playful Lion Cubs.
Lion Cub exploring.
Lion Cubs loving.
Blue Wildebeest hunt.
Wildebeest hunt 2.
Lioness Attacking Blue Wildebeest .
Spotted Hyaena and Pup.
Spotted hyaena and pups.
Male Leopard and Impala.
Leopard Striding.
Leopard Growl.
Recling Leopard female.
Leopard Portrait.
Leopard Striding.jpg
 Cheetah lookout.
Playful Cheetah.
Cheetah male mission.
Cheetah brothers resting.
Cheetah brothers playing.
African Wild Dog pack.
African Wild Dog challenge.
African Wild Dog observant.
White Rhinoceros cow, calf and lion.jpg
African Wild Dog striding.
African Buffalo calf and ox-pecker.
Yellow-billed ox-pecker and Buffalo.
Masai Giraffe and young.
Eland and Red-Billed Oxpecker.
Eland Cow and Red-Billed Oxpeckers.
Eland Bull and oxpecker.
Survival of the fittest.
Black-backed Jackal Skermish.
Black-Backed Jackal and pup.
Gorilla Portrait.
Gorilla Embrace.
Chimpanzee and Young.
Chacma Baboon and young.
Golden Monkey .
Blue Monkey.
Mountain Zebra.
Wildebeest crossing the Mara River.
Wilderbeest stampede.
Wilderbeest safely across.
Widerbeest splash.
Mara River Crossing.
Stampeding Wildebeest.
Young Greater Kudu Bull.
Kudu herd.
Greater Kudu Cow.
Grevy's Zebra, Samburu, Kenya..jpg
Gemsbok sparring.
Male and Female Thornicrft Giraffe..jpg
Nyala bull.
Steenbok male.
African Buffalo and Calf.
 Burchell's Zebra and foal.
Waterbuck cow and calf.
Common Waterbuck cow and calf.
Red Hartebeest and calf.
Topi and calves.
Grant's Gazelle female and juvenile.
Black-Backed Jackal and pup.
Greater Galago.
Bush Squirrels sunning.
Banded Mongoose Troop.
Banded Mongoose.
Suricate observer..jpg
Desert Feral Horses, Namibia.
Helmet Guinea Fowl.
African Jacana.
Black-headed Heron with rat prey.
Grey-Headed Kingfisher.