LANDSCAPES - the voyage of discovery is not seeking new landscapes

but having new eyes. Marcel Proust

Dunescape Namibia.
Namibian Dunes.
Namibian Dunescape.
Desert Sand Patterns.
Desert Ripples, Namibia.
Dune Reflection.
Dune Relections 2.
Deadvlei Contrasts.
Namib Desert Grassland.
Dead Vlei Symmetry.
Acacia Silhouettes, Dead Vlei Trees.
Surreal Deadvlei Trees 1.
Surreal Deadvlei Trees 2.
Namib contrasts.
Dune Landscape.
Dune Ripples.
Misty Trees, Dullstroom.
David's dam, Fouriesburg.
Cosmos Mountain, Fouriesburg.
Autumn Mist, Fouriesburg.
Autumn Scene.
Golden Poplars, Clarens.
Autumn Eastern, Eastern Free State.
Sunflower fields, Fouriesburg.