Predators - control numbers naturally. Ian Player. 

Young Leopard.
Lioness Dragging wildebeest kill.
Lilac Breasted Roller and Insect.
Spotted Hyaena opportunist.
Cheetah Sub-adults.
Nile Crocodile and Wildebeest.
Hunting Nile Crocodile.
Cheetah Family.
Crocodile attack.
Crocodiles attack wildebeest.
Crocodile among Wildebeest.
Crocodile preying.
Sotted Hyaena prowling.
Crocodile and Zebra duel.
Crocodile and Wildebeest prey.
Tawny Eagle.
Cheetah after the kill.
Black Backed Jackal pup.
Lioness after the kill.
Hyaena pup.
Crocodile and Zebra prey.
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