Chilled fingers, Great Photography

We are off to the Eastern Free State for our monthly pilgrimage to uncover yet another spectacular vista.

I added a few of my own images from our previous trip down there to one of my blogs and one of our friends in France is keen to visit the area. What he appealed to him were the stark winter landscapes found in the Free State (and around South Africa) at this time of year. The tan colours and stark lands are beautiful in a dramatic way and the winter landscapes are even more bleak and exquisite.

We will be going into Lesotho as well and hopefully David will find frozen waterfalls and even a little snow. With the temperatures below freezing most mornings in Johannesburg and a cold front sweeping the country we do have a good chance to experience snow.

We will be packing our Antarctic gear, double thick gloves and of course our cameras. I plan to read and knit as well as have my trusty insulated coffee mug next to me to keep the home fires burning.

Keep well-wrapped

Boulder Skyscape..jpg

Skyscape Paternoster