-11 and Counting Down

We have experienced the coldest winter ever in the eastern Free State. Fouriesburg was cold (or dare I say Freezing?) and there have been burst pipes and frozen bird baths in the village.

It's too cold for snow, so when we went into Lesotho we didn't see 'real snow' only the manufactured snow from the ski resort, but we did have wonderful frozen waterfalls and rivers.

I am always amazed how dedicated photographers are. They return to the same area year after year and yet still manage to capture new and special images.

It was -11 (at most) at about 8h15 on the Friday morning. That was in the vehicle. I can't imagine what it was down near the river. David said that he thinks his right hand forgot that he had a left hand. In spite of that, his images are stark and icy and allow the viewer to experience the bleak and bare beauty of the Malabamatsu River in its winter glory.


Frozen Swirls


Icy Waterfall


Sunrise Reflection