End of Year

We are most fortunate that we are able to travel fairly often to our home in the Eastern Free State where we catch up with ourselves and allow time to read and enjoy the garden which is always beautiful at this time of year.

The roses and daisies a in bloom and offer marvellous opportunities for experimental opportunities,

Daisy Impression.jpg

Daisy Blur

At the moment the countryside is in need of rain and we were most fortunate to have at least one night of rain which is so welcome. The sound of rain on the tin roof tends to give a 'farm-house' feel to the night which is very soporific.

Of course the rain often brings early morning mist which is the photographer's delight.

Misty Weir.jpg

Misty Weir

We also had an opportunity to visit the Pilanesburg game park which surprised us with wonderful game viewing. Elephants bathing, lions charging and a timid brown hyena were some of the sightings we were privileged to experience.

We have our first bookings for our 2015 Masai Mara tour. This will be our 10th year in the Mara and we look forward to sharing a wonderful times with our friends and guests. Please look at the itinerary and contact us should you be interested in joining us.