Zambia, Predators & Friendship

After many months of planning and e-mails to guests, tour operators and lodges, we met most of our eager guests at ORTambo early one morning. It's amazing how the excitement of the unexpected and the possible photographic opportunities can make one wide eyed and delighted about waking before the sparrow to travel to new destinations.

The just over two hour flight to Lusaka and the short hop to Mfuwe with a drive to Thornicroft through rural villages was a gentle introduction to our three week tour.

Thornicroft is a rustic camp situated just outside the Luangwa National Park on the beautiful river. Hippo and crocodile make their home there and a variety of animals meander down to the river to sip water and rest.

We had a good few days there and when asked what we wanted to see anything was the response, but leopard was the order of the day. We were privileged to see leopard every day sometimes on more than one occasion.

After wonderful game viewing and excellent treatment from all at Thornicroft we trundled back to Mfuwe, flew to Lusaka and were then transported to Kafue. What a magnificent river it is. Some of us stayed at Fig Tree Lodge where the tsetse flies were pesky and the game viewing sparse, although we did see two cheetah stalk and take down a puku. The guests at Busanga had a more successful time with the game viewing. We all enjoyed the beautiful river and excellent accommodation.

From Kafue some of our guests left for other destinations and the rest stayed to fly onto Livingstone where we stayed at the Amani Hotel and spent two days in more modern surroundings with 'western style' facilities. We of course visited the Victoria Falls or Mosi-oa-Tunya where we photographed morning and evening and enjoyed the sumptuous breakfasts and avoided the daring escapades of the bun and sugar stealing baboons.

By now our group, although friends before were becoming very familiar with each others likes and dislikes and many a happy moment was spent together.

We were then transported to the border between Zambia, Namibia and Botswana where we had an interesting 'African' crossing over the Zambezi river. We were met by the Pangolin photographic safari team who expedited our trans-frontier crossings and passport control with no trouble at all.

The last portion of the tour was on a houseboat on the Chobe river where we were comfortably transported from location to location by boat.

We were fortunate to see elephants daily and were fortunate to see buffalo and puku crossing as well. Photographing from the small boats took some getting used to, but our specialised guides and their exceptionally good 'spotting eyes' and control of the boats were well able to position the photographers exactly where they needed to be.

The food and accommodation was exceptional and this proved to be an excellent ending to our hectic schedule.

We celebrated an eighteenth birthday, an engagement and the birth of a grandchild. So many happy times were celebrated. We re-kindled friendships and shared many good moments.

To all our guests, David and I thank you sincerely for traveling with Creative Escapes once again. We so enjoyed and appreciated your company and support.

Until the next time.