Zanzibar - Islands of Sea & Spice

Zanzibar is one of our favourite destinations. Not only is it a few hours by plane, the people are hospitable and photographic opportunities abound.

The weather was ideal for lazing, walking on the beach and taking photographs. We stayed at the Hyatt in Stone Town. Once the Oman Consulate, the decor is opulent and airy, the staff welcoming and attentive - in other words a wonderful space to relax and enjoy.

Almost everywhere you look becomes a postcard scene. The ocean is cerulean, the sky azure and the town filled with nooks and crannies ready for exploration.

The history is fascinating and it is easy to be drawn into the slave traders' footsteps and feel the anguish of those who were dragged to Stone Town, never to return to their homeland.

Swahili is the language of the people and it is a treat to be greeted and taught by the very charming locals. The traders and tough and persistent and enjoy a bargaining opportunity.

We walked through the streets which are safe and easily accessible from the hotel. The food is spicy and delicious offering good curries and mouth watering fruit.

From Stone Town we drove up north to Nungwi fishing village where the atmosphere is more relaxed but the entrepreneurs more persistent. It is almost impossible to walk along the beach without a trail of people offering anything from cannabis to sunset cruises. We chose a sunset cruise which was slow and lazy and another good photographic 'op'.

We will return to Zanzibar and amble around Stone Town where we enjoyed the food vendors in the park, local singers at the Music school and watching the very serious beach gym every evening. We enjoyed the friendliness of the villagers in the fishing town and were fascinated by the way they use the ocean for EVERYthing - from ablutions to fishing and transport.

We left the island with many colourful memories and beautiful images.