Kgalagadi 2017

Can you believe it is almost the middle of March? Even our grandchildren tell us that 'the time flies as we play'.

Our journey to the Kgalagadi was as remarkable as ever. As expected it was butter-melting hot but we were fortunate to have rain or heavy cloud most of the time we were there. Pools of water in the roads tempted birds and animals to sip and splash affording wonderful opportunities for photographers.

We were able to enjoy the 'big brothers' together. Their large manes and strong strides through the grasslands (yes, not a sand dune in sight) allows us to appreciate that the African lion is truly a magnificent creature and has earned the title 'King of the Jungle'. Once you have seen one pacing through the bush, there is no doubting the statement and the Kgalagadi lions seem to be taller and stronger than others. Their amber eyes follow with deliberate intensity and belligerent teenagers enjoy storming vehicles in mock charge mode.

We also had some wonderful cheetah sightings with remarkable interactions between cheetah and hyena. Again a wonderful photographic shoot opportunity. Four youngsters (with their mother in the background) mock-charged hyenas for an old kill hidden in a tree. Ultimately the mother called her 'team' off to make a kill from a herd of springbok down in the valley.

The accommodation is great in the bush camps with just a few units placed strategically in open grassland. We always stay at Kieliekrankie and Grootkolk as well as the larger camps, Mata-Mata, Twee Rivieran and Nossob. The roads are well maintained even with flooding and heavy rains.

The park is flourishing at the moment with everything well set for the coming winter months. Needless to say we have already booked our adventure for 2018.

We booked a spontaneous tour to the Chobe River for April this year and will spend 4 nights on the Pangolin Voyager and a few nights at Moweni. We've booked extra excursions into the park and up the river. More about that once we return.

May all your images be well focussed. Until next time, David and Anne-Marie