Summer is Here

Well here we are mid-September 2017 and after many adventures and explorations so far this year and a wonderful family trip in August this year, we look forward to our trip to Madagascar in October.

There is always the 'what shall we pack' thought, especially when we will be away, in totally new territory, for three weeks. Obviously 'the photographer' has little or no real problem. Pack a few lenses, cameras and tripods - oh yes, don't forget a T-shirt or two and some sort of malaria prevention and tummy-bug med and we are set. I simply do NOT offer any suggestions to my spouse re the photography side of things, neither do I hold cameras, lenses or offer assistance with that particular portion of the trip at all.

The accommodation may well be challenging. The roads almost 'untrackable', which is why we have a designated driver. But the wildlife will be unsurpassed and exploration opportunities wait. I must remember not to tell our children (who have 100% confirmed their aged parents are really off their rockers) that a few cases of Bubonic plague have been identified in the country we are about to visit. A friend of mine has just recovered from a bout of salmonella - living in South Africa, so what is the concern of Bubonic plague in Madagascar? Do we concern ourselves with medication for BP as well as malaria and cholera? I think not.

We hope to find exquisite birds, dancing lemurs and teeny chameleons. Beautiful Baobabs abound, handmade paper and so much more. That's just a little of what we look forward to.

I will add some anti-inflammatory meds as well as some electrolytes for dehydration as well as load a pile of books onto my Kindle (thinking here: how much electricity will there be to charge said devices, let alone camera batteries etc.) and perhaps a crochet project or two to work on while I am hanging by my eye-brows as we climb yet another mountain in a rattling Jeep.

What excitement we anticipate. After all, Creative Escapes is 'Seeing in a New Light'...let's see what happens on this adventure.