Hearth and Home

As with everyone on our beautiful planet the world as we knew has changed. It seems the earth needed time to resurface and re-create. Poets and Photographers, Calligraphers and Care-givers needed to re-group and re-think their lifestyles and efforts of re-creating their life styles.

For most of us home has never been safer and more familiar. Walks around the garden are a highlight in our day. We are excited to see our daughter's two little terriers scoot around the garden. A new recipe is a challenge we enjoy especially if some ingredients are missing.

We've postponed two family reunions this year. One in the Karoo with the Moores and one one in Bathurst with the Hartleys. Both families of 1820 Settler heritage. We would have celebrated the Bi-centennial of the landing of the ships in Algoa bay in May this year. Our tour to Zambia was cancelled and as with so many other travellers we reminisce and enjoy the photographs taken on so many wonderful tours both through Creative Escapes and on our own.

We reminisce about trips to the Masai Mara, Antarctica, India and Morocco and re-iterate how fortunate we have been in our many travels.

Garden flowers provide ideal photographic opportunities and spider webs are the gem hidden in the undergrowth.

But most of all we are grateful to have our home and family. We are privileged to be together as we steer the murky waters and hope that at 'our age' we reach the end of this fascinating yet difficult journey safely.

We hope you keep safe and well and look forward to special times when we are able to meet again.