Lush and Green - the eastern Free State

The eastern Free State is almost as lush and green as the rolling hills of Kwa-Zulu Natal. We were down at Rose Cottage for a few days and it rained almost constantly which certainly put a strain on our two little ones and a bouncy puppy all who love running up and down the garden, especially when being chased by their oldest cousin Rachel.

Thank goodness for our eldest granddaughter, Rachel who was Dov and Gila's constant companion. She played soccer in the rain, cards on the table and built towering plastic cities for imaginations to run wild. We did manage to have an excursion to Golden Gate where we had a spontaneous picnic once Gila was brought off the mountain by her aunt Elizabeth with the comment 'It's very scary up there nana'. (Do note that nana didn't attempt the mountain climb. I have a very good imagination and can 'see' into the next valley even when it's invisible).

We visited Clarens where the inhabitants are very cavalier about masks which made me extremely anxious. However we did have a delicious coffee at the roastery where we were served outside on seats that couldn't remember when they had last been 'sanitised'. Thank goodness Gila wasn't aware of the lack of hygiene otherwise she would have had everyone in the cafe 'sanitise, sanitise, sanitise'. (At two and a half Gila is ‘Miss Boss of Everything’ and sorts everything and everyone out in a very determined and particular way. I wonder where she gets that trait from)?

It was a special weekend where we reconnected and celebrated our differences with much love and laughter.