WATER - a river cuts through a rock not because of its power but its persistence

River Bolders, Lesotho.
Water Paterns, Lesotho.
River Rocks.
Flowing Stream.
Rock Crevice.
Rock Bubbles.
Misty Pine Forest.
Misty Pine.
Misty Pines.
Misty Weir.
Misty River Weir.
Icy Golden Reflections.
Golden water reflections.
Golden Reflections.
Golden flow.
Rock ice.
Fire and ice.
Icy Reflections.
Ice Crystals.
Flowing water and ice.
Icy river patterns.
Waterfall Boulders 2.
Waterfall Patterns.
Waterfall Detail.
Rose hips and flowing water.
Water Boulders
Victoria Falls, Eastern Cataract.
Victoria Falls Rainbow .
Victoria Falls Eastern Cataract.
Luangwa Lakes, Zambia.
Water paterns and dunes.
Dune Reflections.
Fever Tree Reflections.
Abstract forest reflections.
Poplar Reflections.
Sunset Dam.